Convergence Flux


Convergence Flux is a digital mixed-media art exploration that invites the viewer to transcend the ordinary and enter a realm where urban Calgary's concrete reality converges with the digital consciousness underpinning the city.

Digital constructs are not mere abstract entities with numerous connections, paths, and nodes. They are the invisible arteries—of communication, commerce, and human interaction—that pulse beneath the surface of Calgary's cityscape, orchestrating its every move. This artwork breathes life into these intangible networks that keep the city pulsating with energy, unveiling the invisible yet indispensable infrastructures that define our modern existence.

By fusing bird's-eye view footage with generative art, this piece transcends its role as a mere reflection of the layered realities we inhabit—the physical spaces we traverse and the digital environments we navigate. It serves as a platform for a dialogue on the interdependence of our lives with the digital landscape, a gentle nudge to remember our dual existence in both realms. This dynamic piece encourages the viewer to not just observe but also interact with Calgary, capturing a snapshot of our collective journey through the digital realm and prompting viewers to reflect on the pervasive influence of technology in our lives.

By Bora.vs.Bora

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