Video Credit: Ivan Krivonosov

Bora is a photographer and a multidisciplinary artist based in Parkdale, Toronto. 


Photo Credit: Steve Karty

Bora's work is deeply rooted in urban human experiences that extend beyond conventional photography, transforming complex topics and concepts into evocative visual narratives set against the backdrop of contemporary cityscapes. 

His signature post-processing method is central to his creative identity. Bora's art direction and style are unmistakable, distinct, and visually dramatic, bringing a film-like aesthetic and storytelling to his work. Skillfully controlling color to set the mood and artfully shaping light for depth and drama, Bora transforms ordinary images into captivating works of art, making his style instantly recognizable.

His distinctive style and work developed over the years have earned him accolades in galleries and publications worldwide, inspiring a new wave of photographers, artists, and filmmakers.



In commercial photography, Bora blends artistic vision with brand strategy effectively. Collaborating with brands such as Cadillac, Google, and Netflix, he turns marketing campaigns into engaging visual narratives that forge deeper audience connections and deliver measurable business impact.

Beyond his professional focus, Bora is a mentor and adviser in the creative community. He inspires young minds to look beyond the lens, setting high standards in visual storytelling. Working with institutions like Toronto Metropolitan University, Ontario College of Art and Design, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Board of Education, The Creator Class, and Koffler Centre of the Arts, Bora shares his experience and passion with the next generation of creators. His mentorship, through workshops and guest lectures, has helped emerging artists develop their unique voices and push the boundaries of traditional visual storytelling and photography.

Bora's work has been acknowledged by publications like Hypebeast, Huffington Post, the Toronto Star, BlogTO, Fubiz, and CBC and featured in exhibitions like the CONTACT Photography Festival, Super Wonder Gallery, and Parque Galería.


Timberland / Google / Facebook / Cadillac / Polestar / BMW / Ford / Hyundai / KIA / Turo / Canon / LG / The North Face / TD Bank / Scotiabank / NBA / MLSE / Toronto Argonauts / Henry’s / Netflix / Fuji / Art Gallery of Ontario / Royal Ontario Museum / Tourism Toronto / Niagara Parks Tourism / Bentall Kennedy / Cadillac Fairview / Conde Nast / Dyson / Best Buy / Beyond Claude Monet / RIMOWA / Away Travel / Innis & Gunn / Canadian Tire

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